What does WOSL stand for?2017-09-15T16:08:04+12:00

WOSL stands for Wiri Oil Services Limited.

What does WOSL do?2024-01-18T04:52:21+13:00

WOSL receives and stores fuel from Channel Terminal Services (formerly Refinery NZ), on behalf of the shareholders, who distribute it throughout Auckland and New Zealand. It is a vital player in New Zealand’s infrastructure.

Why does WOSL matter?2018-04-05T09:47:35+12:00

In 2017, WOSL handled more than 9 million litres of fuel a day, supplying over 4 million litres of Jet fuel to Auckland International Airport. It is a vital player in New Zealand’s infrastructure.

How much fuel does it distribute?2018-03-20T11:07:41+13:00

The Wiri and Marsden Point terminals store and distribute about 95% of the Auckland region’s fuel supplies and about 44% of New Zealand’s fuel supplies. This means WOSL is distributing around 9 million litres of fuel a day.

How is the fuel distributed?2024-01-18T04:50:25+13:00

The fuel is distributed down two main pipelines – the MPAP (Marsden Point to Auckland Pipeline), and the WAP (Wiri to Airport Pipeline). In addition, road tankers uplift fuel from the loading gantries, and transport it around the upper North Island, supplying petrol stations, truck stops, and other airports.

Who owns WOSL?2017-09-15T16:09:40+12:00

WOSL is owned by New Zealand’s main oil companies – BP, Mobil, Z Energy and Z Energy 2015 (formerly Chevron).

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